Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) Handbook 2013 (NE349)
UPDATED in 2013
UC22 Woodland livestock exclusion
75 points per ha

Area constraints apply to this option.

This option is only available on SDA land below the Moorland Line. It can only be used on whole-fields.

This option aims to exclude all livestock from woodland. Preventing livestock access to woodland may allow more trees and shrubs to become established and the woodland flowers to flourish.

You must have management control of the woodland.

Only small areas of predominantly native woodlands are eligible. These are defined as woodland parcels below 3 ha in size occupied by trees and shrubs consisting of at least 50 per cent native species. Woodland parcels that are already in woodland grant schemes requiring the exclusion of livestock are not eligible.

Where new fencing, or the maintenance of existing fencing, is required to exclude livestock, you may also apply for options UC5 and EC3.

If you are a tenant, you may need consent from the landowner for establishing new boundaries. Consent may also be required where the woodland is located on common land or within statutory designations such as SSSI. In some circumstances, a covenant restricting the erection of new fencing may be attached to the land.

For this option, you must comply with the following:

  • Make the boundaries of the woodland stockproof during the first year of the agreement, either by restoring or repairing existing boundaries, or by the provision of new fencing (avoiding any historic or archaeological features).
  • Exclude all livestock from the woodland for the remaining period of the agreement.

Ungrazed woods are able to regenerate naturally and
provide a better wildlife habitat

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