Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) Handbook 2013 (NE349)
UPDATED in 2013
EE3 6 m buffer strips on cultivated land
EE9 6m buffer strips on cultivated land next to a watercourse

340 points per ha
400 points per ha

EE9 should always be used when a 6m buffer on cultivated land is placed alongside a watercourse.

EE9 can also be placed adjacent to farm trackways or roads that channel run-off water and sediment directly into a watercourse.

For these options, you must follow the management for options EE1/EE2 and in addition comply with the following:

  • After the first 12–24 months of your agreement, cut the 3 m next to the crop edge annually after mid- July. Only cut the other 3 m to control woody growth, and no more than once every 2 years.

6 m margin against a watercourse buffers this river from arable operations

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