Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) Handbook 2013 (NE349)
Combined hedge and ditch management options
EB8 (incorporating EB1 hedgerow management)
EB9 (incorporating EB2 hedgerow management)
EB10 (incorporating EB3 Enhanced hedgerow management)
38 points per 100 m
26 points per 100 m
56 points per 100 m

Figure 3 – Combined hedge and ditch management

These options are available for hedgerows with a ditch that meets the eligibility criteria of EB6 or EB7 immediately alongside. For EB8 and EB10, you must have control over the management of adjacent land on both sides of the hedge and ditch. If you have control of the land adjacent to only one side of the hedge and ditch, you must use EB9. The aim is to establish a diverse hedgerow, bank side and aquatic vegetation.

You must apply for these options (EB8, EB9 and EB10) where you have a hedge alongside a ditch and you wish to manage both under the scheme (ie you cannot combine individual hedge or ditch options).

For these options, you must follow the conditions for:

  • EB1, EB2 or EB3, depending on whether you are managing one side of your hedge or both sides, and EB6.

In addition, you must comply with the following:

  • On the non-hedgerow side of the ditch, you must not cultivate or apply fertilisers or pesticides to the land within 2 m of the centre of the ditch. This rule also applies to all land within 1 m of the top of the ditch bank.
  • If you are managing both sides of the hedgerow, you must leave uncultivated land extending 2 m from the centre of the hedgerow on the non-ditch side of the hedgerow. You must not apply fertilisers, manures or pesticides to this land.
  • Take care to minimise hedge trimmings entering the ditch. Ensure that all hedge trimmings that would otherwise restrict flow are removed.
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