Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) Handbook 2013 (NE349)
UPDATED in 2013
EB3 Hedgerow management for landscape and wildlife

42 points per 100 m

This option is only available where you have control of the management of both sides of the hedge and of the land adjacent. The option is designed to introduce a cutting regime which promotes increased blossom availability for invertebrates and allows fruits and berries to ripen and provide a vital source of food for over-wintering birds.

In addition to the conditions for EB1 and EB2 (see above), you must also comply with the following:

  • Maintain hedgerows to a height of no less than 2 m (except when laid or coppiced as part of a regular management cycle).
  • Cut each hedgerow no more than once every three calendar years, cutting no more than a third of your hedgerows each year or, cut each hedgerow no more than once every two calendar years between 1 January and 28 February only, cutting no more than a half of your hedgerows each year.

Figure 2 – Enhanced hedgerow management, shown on the right, results in a taller and bushier hedge.

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