Agricultural Holdings Act 1986

Applies to England Applies to Wales

Title: Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 & Agricultural Holdings (Amendment) Act 1990

Category: England and Wales Law

Date: 1986 & 1990

Reference: 1986 c. 5 [Full text] & 1990 c. 15 [Full text]

General Description:

The Agricultural Holdings Act 1986, came into force on the 18th of June 1986, and consolidated previous legislation (with a few minor alterations), and:

  • establishes a framework for providing security of tenure,
  • sets out a statutory formula for the variation of rent,
  • identifies the terms and conditions of tenancies, and
  • stipulates rules regarding the payment of compensation to tenants for improvements and disturbance.

The Act was amended by the Agricultural Holdings (Amendment) Act 1990 amonst others.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Tenancies, Holdings.

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