ARCHIVE: Cross Compliance Guidance for Soil Management 2010 Edition (PB13315)

ARCHIVE: Cross Compliance Guidance for Soil Management 2010 Edition



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Other existing SPS publications

1. Introduction

2. Managing soils on your farm

3. Understanding the management requirements of different soils

4. The Soil Protection Review Measures

  1. Managing soils when growing cereals, combinable crops and grass seed
  2. Managing soils when growing potatoes, sugar beet, salad crops, vegetables and bulbs
  3. Managing soils when growing maize and forage crops, including crop residues
  4. Managing soils when growing fruit crops (not under polytunnels); hops and vines
  5. Polytunnels (Field)
  6. Turf Production
  7. Outdoor pigs and poultry
  8. Short rotational coppice, Miscanthus and rhizome products
  9. Managing soils under improved grassland (including equine)
  10. Managing soils under natural and semi-natural grassland and vegetation (including equine)
  11. Managing soils under other land uses e.g. flowers (not bulbs), herbs, nurseries, pharmaceutical crops etc.
  12. Managing soils on land not in agricultural production (GAEC 12) or used for non-agricultural activities

5. Managing your soils under Environmental Stewardship

6. Buffer strips to protect water - Advisory Guidance

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