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Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)

SEPA Head Office
Erskine Court
Castle Business Park

Tel: 01786 457700
Fax: 01786 446885

Email: http://www.sepa.org.uk/about_us/contacting_sepa/by_email.aspx
Web: http://www.sepa.org.uk/
Local Office Details: http://apps.sepa.org.uk/map/index.html

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is a powerful body which is responsible for the protection of the environment in Scotland. SEPA became fully operational on 1 April 1996.

SEPA's task is to protect the land, the air, the water, the core elements forming the very fabric of our environment. It will do so in partnership with others and in a way which enables Scotland to sustain a strong and diverse economy.

SEPA represents a radical new approach, merging the expertise of the former River Purification Boards, Her Majesty's Industrial Pollution Inspectorate and the waste regulation and air pollution powers held by Scotland's district and islands' councils. It also creates, for the first time, a one-door approach to the prevention of pollution and protection of the environment in Scotland.

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