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British Standards Institution

389 Chiswick High Road
W4 4AL

Tel: 020 8996 9001
Fax: 020 8996 7001

Email: cservices@bsigroup.com
Web: http://www.bsigroup.co.uk/

The British Standards Institution is an independent national organisation responsible for preparing British Standards. It presents the United Kingdoms views on standards in Europe and liaises with other world-wide standards organisations. It is incorporated into the Royal Charter.

In recent years, BSI has increasingly been called upon by businesses around the world to offer them help and advice in setting and monitoring their own standards of quality, consistency and efficiency. There are now four main areas where BSI can provide assistance. these are:

  1. Standards. Businesses, trade associations, consumer groups and Governments engage the help of BSI to develop standards.
  2. Product Testing and Certification. Many manufacturers, importers and retailers rely on BSI to independently assess the performance of their products for safety, reliability and quality.
  3. Quality Assurance. BSI are responsible for the UK's quality management standard BS EN ISO 9000 (BS5750) and the environmental standard BS7750.
  4. International Training. BSI offer training courses for the implementation and management of their quality standards.
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