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British Crop Protection Council

7 Omni Business Centre
Omega Park
GU34 2QD

Tel: +44(0)1420 593 200
Fax: +44(0)1420 593 209

Email: md@bcpc.org
Web: http://www.bcpc.org/

The British Crop Protection Council (BCPC) is a register charity set up in 1968 to promote the knowledge and understanding of the science and practice of crop protection. The commercial arm of the BCPC, British Crop Protection Enterprises (BCPE) has responsibility for the BCPC conferences, symposia and publications.

The corporate members of the BCPC include government department and research councils; advisory services; associations concerned with farming industry, agrochemical manufacturers, agricultural engineering and distribution services; universities; scientific societies and organisations concerned with the environment.

The aim of the organisation is to inform and influence decision makers, the scientific community, farmers, their advisers and the general public about issues that affect crop protection.

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