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BASIS - The Professional Register of Competent Advisers on Pesticides

BASIS (Registration) Ltd
St Monica's House Business Centre
(37-39) Windmill Lane
Derbyshire DE6 1EY

Tel: 01335 343 945
Fax: 01335 301205

Email: http://www.basis-reg.co.uk/contact.aspx
Web: http://www.basis-reg.co.uk/

Anyone selling, supplying or otherwise marketing pesticides for agriculture, horticulture or forestry must hold a recognised certificate of competence. In the UK, this means that the person must hold a certificate of competency issued by BASIS (Registration) Ltd.

Once a person has obtained this qualification they are qualified to apply to become a Member of the BASIS Professional Register (MBPR). That person must then demonstrate year-on-year that they keep up to date with information and practices through 'Continuing Professional Development' (CPD). A BASIS qualified adviser will be able to use the letters MRPPA after their name, which stands for 'Member of the Register of Practitioners for Pesticide Advice.'

Farmers and other persons using pesticides should always ensure that their advisor is BASIS qualified. You may check the register for qualified advisers in your area by phoning (01335) 343945.

More information:

More information can be found on the professional advisers qualifications page.

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