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Pasture Pumps


Manufacturers Notes

The AQUAMAT allows cattle and other livestock to be completely fenced away from streams, ponds and springs for TOTAL EXCLUSION from the water source. The AQUAMAT is ideally suited for projects involving livestock fencing for restoration and revegetation of riparian areas.

Livestock are provided cleaner water, and in many cases, fencing livestock away from streams allows for improved livestock management

The AQUAMAT is also ideal in situations in which it is desirable to fence cattle out of a water source such as a pond or spring.

One pump is recommended for every 20 head of cattle.

In a pasture rotation system, pump platforms can be constructed in each pasture , and the pumps can then be rotated with the livestock. For ease of moving the pumps, we suggest using the optional "quick disconnect" fittings and installing extra hose assemblies to be left at each platform. The farmer can then quickly disconnect a pump, move it to the platform in the next pasture, and "quick connect" to the hose assembly at the new platform location.

The AQUAMAT supplies clean water to livestock ON DEMAND. That is, the AQUAMAT will only pump as much water as the animal would ordinarily drink if it were allowed to go into the stream and drink. The State of Washington Department of Ecology has issued a water use policy for the use of "on demand" nose pumps for livestock for the purpose of excluding livestock from streams.

  • Light Action, easily pumped by calves and horses
  • The AQUAMAT can supply 20 head of cattle
  • Maximum lift: 21 vertical feet. For each unused foot of vertical lift, the pump can pull 10 feet horizontally. For example, if 10 foot of vertical lift is needed, then the AQUAMAT would be able to pull an additional 11 times 10 or 110 feet horizontally.
  • 0.5 litres of water per pump stroke
  • Pumping power is provided by the livestock.
  • Sturdy construction: Wide, high density polyethylene drinking trough, resistant to corrosion
  • Light weight, easier to handle, approximately 25 lb.., UPS shippable
  • Optional 1" suction tubing, fittings, quick disconnects, and all-position spring-loaded foot valve with 1/16 mesh screen available
  • Supplies clean water from creek, river, spring or pond only ON DEMAND
  • Strong parts and service support
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