TB in Cattle: Reducing the Risk (PB4516)


Every year farmers lose millions of pounds from TB breakdowns. Each year the figure rises. More and more farmers are facing the worry of TB breakdowns. Do you want the stress and disruption TB brings?

We dont know all the reasons why some farms get TB and some do not, and we dont know the best way to stop the disease spreading. MAFF is spending over £11 million a year to try and find the answers to these questions.

Already, however, there are a number of steps farmers can take to reduce the chances that their animals will go down with TB. A separate leaflet suggests general disease control measures which will help against TB as well as other diseases. This leaflet suggests measures more specifically directed at TB. These vary from some which are proven scientifically to some which are based on common sense or on the results of work done in other countries. Some may be impracticable on your particular farm; others may seem irrelevant to you if you are farming in one of the areas of the country where TB is not a serious problem. But the disease is spreading, and occasional breakdowns occur in every county.

You will need to think through what might be practicable for you, and discuss the possibilities with your veterinary surgeon.

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