Weeds Act

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Title: The Weeds Act

Category: England, Wales and Scotland Law

Date: 1959

Reference: Chapter 54 [Full text not available]

General Description:

This act gives the government (through the local authority) the power to require (in writing) a land occupier to take the action require to prevent the spread of injurious weeds. The weeds specifically refered to in the act are:

However, there is scope to prescribe other weeds subsequently.

If a notice is served and the occupier unreasonably fails to comply with it, they are guilty of an offence, and following prosecution may be fined. If having been fined, the situation is not remedied within a further 14 days, then they are guilty of a further offense and may be subjected to further punishment. In addition, the government is entitled to recover a sum equal to that required to do the work from the occupier, or if this is not possible from the land owner.

Any person authorised to enforce this act, may, on production of his authorisation, gain entry to the land for inspection, but not until written notice of the date of the inspection has been given.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Weeds

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