Directive on the Protection of Groundwater Against Pollution (Groundwater Directive) (1980/68)

Title: The Directive on the Protection of Groundwater Against Pollution (Groundwater Directive)

Category: EU Directive

Date: 1980

References: 80/68/EEC [Full text]

General Description:

Note: In 2013, this Directive was repealed by Directive 2006/118/EC, known as the "daughter Directive" to the Water Framework Directive.

EC Directive 80/68 on the protection of groundwater regulates direct and indirect discharges of sewage to groundwater. Discharge to groundwater of the most detrimental substances such as oils, pesticides and heavy metals is completely prohibited. Discharges of a number of further substances must, under this Directive, be restricted as possible. Further information is obtainable from the Environment Agency.

New rules set to be enforced in the Spring of 1999 could mean that a licence from the Environment Agency will be required before any waste water containing pesticides can be disposed of to land. The rules may also mean that a special area to take waste water washing from cleaning tanks and sprayers will need to be designated. This area will have to have low environmental value, isolated from any water courses and pose no risk to groundwater. Soakaways will not be permitted. The new regulations will help reduce the amount of pesticides reaching drinking water supplies and help enable EC regulations to be complied with.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Groundwater, Water Abstraction

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