Directive on Contained Use of Genetically Modified Organisms (1990/219)

Title: The Directive On Contained Use Of Genetically Modified Organisms

Category: EU Directive

Date: 1990

References: 90/219/EEC [Full text]

General Description:

This Directive sets out to establish simplified procedures regarding Consent to deliberately release into the environment genetically modified plants (GMO's). As well as the procedures, the Directive also gives details on what information must be provided to the relevant authority, before a Consent could be granted.

Consent is required, from the relevant authority, before field trials or any other procedure concerning the release of GMO's into the environment . Before a Consent is granted the material is carefully assessed for its potential impact on the environment and on any potential unintended effects.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Crops, Dangerous Releases, Transgenic Organisms, Food Production, GMOS

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