Food and Environment Protection Act (FEPA)

Applies to the whole UK

Title: Food and Environment Protection Act (FEPA)

Category: UK Law

Date: 1985

Reference: ISBN 0105448850 [Full text]

General Description:

Part III of the FEPA controls the use of pesticides. It aims to protect humans, fauna, flora and the environment. It also aims to secure safe, efficient and humane methods for pest control.

This Act makes it obligatory for prior consultation with the Environment Agency to occur, before the use of herbicides or pesticides in or near water and before aerial application of such chemicals.

The controls currently in force include:

  • Only approved products may be sold, supplied, advertised or used;
  • Only products specifically approved for the purpose may be applied from the air;
  • A recognised storemans certificate of competence is required for stores who sell or supply pesticides for agricultural use;
  • A recognised certificate of competence (BASIS), is required by anyone who gives advice when selling or supplying pesticides for agricultural use;
  • Users of pesticides must comply with the conditions of approval relating to its use;
  • Only adjuvants approved by DEFRA may be used;
  • Regarding tank mixes; no person must combine or mix pesticides which are anti-cholinesterases unless the approved label of one or more of the products stakes that the mixture may be made.

See also the Control of Pesticide Regulations

Pertinence to Agriculture: Pesticides, Pest Control

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