Ancient Monuments (Class Consents) Order

Applies to EnglandApplies to Wales

Title: Ancient Monuments (Class Consents) Order

Category: England and Wales Order

Date: 1994

Reference: SI 1994/1381 [Full text]

General Description:

Under this Order the following descriptions of works for the execution of which scheduled monument consent is granted-

Permitted works:

Agricultural, horticultural and forestry works of the same sort carried out lawful in the same location and on the same spot within the period of six years immediately preceding the date on which the works commence, but excluding works which falls into one of the following categories:

(i) in the case of ploughed land, any works likely to disturb the soil below the depth at which ploughing has previously been carried out lawfully;

(ii) in the case of any land apart from ploughed land, any works likely to disturb the soil below the depth of 300 millimetres;

(iii) sub-soiling, drainage works, the planting or uprooting of trees, hedges or shrubs, the stripping of top soil, tipping operations, or commercial cutting and the removal of turf;

(iv)the demolition, removal, extension, alteration or disturbance of any building, structure or works or of the remains;

(v) the erection of any building or structure;

(vi) in the case of works other than domestic gardening works, the laying of paths, hard-standings or foundations for buildings or the erection of fences or other barriers.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Agricultural Land, Buildings

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