Animal Health and Welfare Act (as amended)

Applies to the whole UK

Title: Animal Health and Welfare Act (as amended)

Category: UK Law

Date: 1984 (amended 1998) [Full text not available]

Reference: Chapter 40

General Description:

This act amends the provisions of the Animal Health Act 1981 relating to the seizure of things for the purpose of preventing the spread of diseases and also amends the Slaughter of Poultry Act 1967. It also contains regulations that cover the practice of artificial breeding livestock; it repeals the Improvement of Livestock Act 1931 and the Horse Breeding Act 1958, and amends the Medicines Act 1968 with respect to feeding stuffs and veterinary drugs.

Controls over artificial breeding of livestock

Any activity involving the artificial breeding of livestock; or of semen, ova, or embryos of livestock is prohibited except under authority of a licence or approval issued under these regulations. The importation of semen ova or embryos of any kind of livestock is also prohibited except under licence.

Application of regulations:

Upon production of a written authorisation from an appropriate minister, an authorised person may enter at all reasonable times:

(a) any premises used by the holder of a licence referred to in the above controls.

(b) any premises where he has grounds to suspect that an offence has been committed under this act.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Livestock, Health, Welfare

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