Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act

Applies to EnglandApplies to Wales

Title: Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act

Category: England and Wales Law

Date: 1979

Reference: Chapter 46 [Full text not available]

General Description:

Where Ancient Monuments occur on agricultural land the following Act influences the extent of public control to ensure the protection of scheduled ancient monuments. The Act includes 57 Sections in three parts.

Part I

  • Protection of scheduled monuments, including control of work, powers of entry, compensation;
  • Acquisition of ancient monuments, including compulsory, by agreement or gift;
  • Guardianship of ancient monuments, including powers, effects, and termination of guardianship;
  • Acquisition and guardianship of land in the vicinity of an ancient monument, including easements and rights;
  • Agreements concerning ancient monuments, and land in their vicinity;
  • Powers of limited owners;
  • Public access to monuments under public control;
  • Transfer of ownership and guardianship of ancient monuments;
  • Ancient monument boards.

Part II

  • Archaeological Areas, including designation, certification, investigation, powers of authority;

Part III

  • Miscellaneous and Supplemental, including restrictions on metal detectors; Powers of entry;
  • Financial provisions, including compensation, grants;
  • Application to special cases;
  • Supplemental, including treatment of finds.

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