Peat bog conservation - the importance of lowland raised bogs (IN7.7)

What am I likely to see on a peat bog?

Many people think of bogs as wilderness areas with little to see, but a closer inspection will reveal some remarkable plants, insects and animals. Vast areas are covered in sponge-like Sphagnum mosses that display a vibrant mix of colours ranging from pink, deep wine-red and orange to gingery brown and bright green. Dotted throughout the mosses you will see the pink flowers of bog rosemary, the ruby-reds of the cranberry, the bright yellow flowers of bog asphodel and the fluffy white heads of the cotton grass. The whole landscape resembles a giant Persian rug.

Black darter dragonfly.

Dragonflies, bog bush crickets, black bog ants and butterflies are just some of the insects that thrive in this environment.


common cotton grass

cross-leaved heath

bog rosemary

NNR signage

Sphagnum moss

bog bush cricket

cranberry berries on Sphagnum

purple-bordered gold moth

bog asphodel

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