ARCHIVE: Best Farming Practices (2001): Profiting from a Good Environment

ARCHIVE: Best Farming Practices (2001): Profiting from a good environment

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0    Introduction - recognising opportunities .... to protect soil and water and reduce costs

1    Water on the farm .... using water wisely adds profit

2    Managing manures .... nutrient planning reduces fertiliser costs

3    Crop protection .... with more profit

4    Soils on the farm .... know soils and reduce cost

5    Establishing crops .... protecting soils and profit

6    Using crop cover .... to protect soils

7    Using grass, hedges and trees.... to protect soils

8    Livestock management .... to protect soils and profits

9    Farm tracks .... protecting land and livestock

10   Managing ditches.... making the most of land drainage systems

11   Managing bank erosion .... controlling stock access adds value

12   Conservation grants for farmers.... wildlife habitats help protect soils and water

13   References- further reading and contacts

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This booklet was developed by BDB Associates under sponsorship by the Environment Agency's national R&D programme (project P2-128). It was written with the help and encouragement of farmers.

The intended use of the booklet is partnership projects where the Agency works directly with farmers and farming groups to help identify opportunities for change on the farm that will benefit both the farmers and the environment. It has been designed to be used as a whole farm approach to help farmers in carrying out their risk management.

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