Scrapie - Advisory Notes for Farmers (PB9446)


Scrapie is a fatal brain disease of sheep and goats. Disease develops due to changes in a protein present in the brain known as prion protein. It has been present in British sheep for over 200 years. By law, any animals suspected of having scrapie must be reported to your local Animal Health Divisional Office (AHDO). It is important that every single suspected case of scrapie is reported, not just the first case on your farm. We need more research into scrapie to establish how common the disease is, and to find out the similarities and differences between scrapie and other similar diseases such as BSE, a disease found in cattle, and CJD, a rare disease that is found in humans. To do this, we need farmers to look out for any signs of this disease, and to report it immediately.

This leaflet will tell you what signs to look out for in your sheep and goats, and what to do if you think they may have scrapie.

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