Devon field boundaries: restoration standards for agri-environment schemes (TIN039)

Standards of work

Please note that when undertaking any work as part of an agreed capital works programme, the agreement holder will be held responsible for the standard of completed work.

Take care when employing contractors. Ensure that they are reputable and that good communication is established between the agreement holder and the contractor, to avoid misunderstandings that may be difficult to rectify later.

With this in mind ensure that they are given all necessary restoration guidance and work specifications at the outset. A list of contractors is available from your local adviser on request. This provides details of people who are known to us as contractors in their respective areas of work. However, Natural England does not approve specific contractors and accepts no liability for any work they do.

Inspections of completed work are regularly made by Natural England staff, often at the claim stage. Payments may be withheld in the case of sub-standard work.

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