Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) Handbook 2010 (NE226)
EE3    6 m buffer strips on cultivated land
400 points per ha
NEW OPTION in 2010  
EE9    6m buffer strips on cultivated land next to a watercourse
400 points per ha

For these options, you must follow the management for options EE1/EE2 and in addition comply with the following:

  • After the first 12-24 months of your agreement, cut the 3 m next to the crop edge annually after mid-July. Only cut the other 3 m to control woody growth, and no more than once every 2 years (where next to woodland, once every 10 years).
  • If you wish, you may establish all or part of the margin by sowing a mix of fine-leaved grasses and flowers, such as knapweed, bird's-foot-trefoil, self-heal, oxeye daisy and yarrow. If you decide to do this, it is recommended that you cut each year in August or September and, if excess vegetation threatens to suppress the flowers, cut again the following March or April. This will maintain the flowers in this sward, or others resulting from natural regeneration. You may remove cuttings, which will further benefit flowers.

6 m margin against a watercourse buffers this river from arable operations.
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