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 The Rivers Trust

The Rivers Trust
Rain-Charm House
Kyl Cober Parc
Stoke Climsland
PL17 8PH

Tel: 01579 372 142

Email: info@theriverstrust.org
Web: http://www.theriverstrust.org/index.html

Note - The organisation changed it's name to "The Rivers Trust" on 2nd August 2011

ART is an umbrella organisation established to represent the rivers trust movement in England and Wales. It works to support its members, emerging community groups and encourage partnerships with Government bodies and others to promote practical and sustainable solutions to environmental issues.

ART was launched in 2001 following extensive consultation with existing charitable rivers trusts and other related interests. Trusts now represent catchments across a large part of England and Wales and new ones are continually forming. In addition, a similar movement is developing in Scotland , and there is excellent co-operation with the Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland (RAFTS).

The main aims of ART are, "to co-ordinate, represent and develop the aims and interests of the member Trusts in the promotion of sustainable, holistic and integrated catchment management and sound environmental practices, recognising the wider economic benefits for local communities and the value of education.” and its objectives are to:

  • Represent and promote the Rivers Trust movement nationally and internationally
  • Develop best practice protocols, within a framework of sound science, partnership, avoiding duplication, consistency and a matrix approach
  • Encourage innovation and the advancement of applied science
  • Facilitate funding and working partnerships between Rivers Trusts and other organisations
  • Guide and assist rivers trusts in making funding applications, either individually or in partnership with others
  • Build capacity and sustainability in the Rivers Trust movement
  • Form national and international networks to provide collaborative project and development opportunities for Rivers Trusts
  • Guide and support new rivers trust start-ups
  • Act as a conduit for communication, information exchange and technology transfer through projects, seminars, the web-site and e-newsletters
  • Promote, guide and support good governance and issues of common interest to rivers trusts
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