Poultry Farms: Code of Practice for the prevention and control of rodent infestations on poultry farms (PB13233)


This voluntary Code of Practice is issued by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. It has been drawn up in consultation with the Scottish Government, the Welsh Assembly Government, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (Northern Ireland), the Food Standards Agency, the British Egg Industry Council, the British Poultry Council, the British Veterinary Poultry Association, the National Farmers’ Union, Natural England and the Veterinary Laboratories Agency.

All Defra Codes of Practice are available from Defra Publications, Admail 6000, London SW1A 2XX, telephone (0645 556000). The Code of Practice for the Prevention and Control of rodent infestations in poultry flocks is also available on the Defra website, together with Codes of Practice for the prevention and control of
Salmonella in Commercial Egg Laying Flocks and in flocks of chickens reared for meat.

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