ARCHIVE: Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs) - Guidance for Farmers. The N max limit (Leaflet 7 - PB12736g)

Step 1. Collect your information

You will need to have available the following basic information:

  1. Leaflet 3 – Specifically Table 5 for the N max limits and Tables 7 and 8 for the N content of livestock manures;
  2. The results of sampling and analysis of livestock manure (if undertaken);
  3. Field records of actual applications of livestock manure and manufactured nitrogen fertiliser;
  4. The cropped area of the fields on your farm.

Note: If you only know the field area in acres you will need to convert them to hectares. To do this multiply the number of acres by 0.405 (e.g. 276 acres = 112 ha).

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