ARCHIVE: Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs) - Guidance for Farmers. Field application of manufactured nitrogen fertilisers (Leaflet 9 - PB12736i)

2. Field Inspections

Before spreading manufactured nitrogen fertiliser or other nitrogen-containing
materials YOU MUST make an inspection of conditions in the field to assess the risk of run-off to surface water, taking into account:

  • the slope of the land, particularly if it is greater than 12 degrees (1 in 5);
  • the ground cover;
  • the proximity to surface water;
  • the weather conditions;
  • the soil type and conditions;
  • the presence of land drains (other than a sealed impermeable pipe).

YOU MUST NOT spread manufactured nitrogen fertiliser or other nitrogen containing materials if you identify there is a significant risk of run-off getting into surface water.

Before you apply nitrogen fertiliser to a field in an NVZ you must carry out a field inspection to decide if the application is possible without a significant risk of run-off causing pollution of surface water. Run-off can occur across the surface of the soil or through pipe drains, and the risk of run-off increases with slope.

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