Beneficials on farmland: identification and management guidelines (HGCA Summer 2008)

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This guide was funded by HGCA as a knowledge transfer project. It was written by Dr John Holland, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust; and Dr Steve Ellis, ADAS.

HGCA is grateful to many experts who have commented on draft versions of the guide, including:

James Clarke, ADAS; Dr Keith Walters, CSL; Dr David Cooper and Richard Brand-Harvey, Defra; Dr Andy Leader and David Roberts, Dow AgroSciences; Steve Moreby and Peter Thompson, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust; Patrick Goldsworthy, Goldsworthy Associates; Prof Graham Jellis and Dr Clare Kelly, HGCA; Dr Nigel Chadwick and Dr David Richardson, HSE/PSD; Guy Gagen and Julian Hasler, NFU; Dr Richard Harrington and Prof Wilf Powell, Rothamsted Research; Ian Stott, Syngenta;

Edited by Dr Clive Edwards, HGCA and Geoff Dodgson, Chamberlain.

Design: Chamberlain.

Illustrations: Tebbit Design.

Photographs: ADAS, Nicholas Aebischer, Roy Anderson, Tristan Bantock, Toby Barton, Tom Birkett, John Holland, Jon Oakley, Rothamsted Research, Peter Thompson.

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