Cross Compliance: Guide to Cross Compliance in England 2015 (GCCE 2015 v1)

Tree Preservation Orders - TPOs


The aim of these rules is to protect trees because they are important landscape features.

A. You must not
1. cut down, wilfully damage or destroy, uproot, top or lop any tree protected by a TPO without the written consent of your local planning authority;
2. cut down, wilfully damage or destroy, uproot, top or lop any tree located in a conservation area without giving 42 days written notice to your local planning authority.


Further advice and guidance

Tree Preservation Orders are made by local planning authorities to protect trees, groups of trees and woodlands in the interest of amenity under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

To get details of your local Forestry Commission office call the Forestry Commission helpline on 0117 372 1070 or visit the website at

Tree Preservation Orders: A Guide to the Law and Good Practice is available for download, free of charge, from

Guidance for Cross Compliance in England: Management of Habitats and Landscape Features (rpa176) is available on our website at

Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG): 0303 444 0000

Forestry Commission helpline: 0117 372 1070

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