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Relevant Work (Waste Exemption 19A)

Relevant work means work for the construction, maintenance or improvement of:

  • building e.g. house, office, school, factory, dairy, barn
  • highway e.g. a motorway, lane, farm track
  • railway, airport, dock or
  • other transport facility e.g. car park, lorry or tractor parking area.
  • recreational facilities e.g. golf courses and horse-riding rings / menages
  • drainage carried out for the purposes of the Land Drainage Act 1991, the Water Resources Act 1991 or the Environment Act 1995. e.g flood defence works

It does not include work involving land reclamation this is covered by Paragraph 9A. You cannot use this exemption to use waste to fill in land such as an old quarry or for land-raising prior to any construction work this would require a landfill permit.

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