Rabbits: Management options for preventing damage (TIN003)


The European rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus has once again established itself as the major vertebrate pest of British agriculture, causing economic losses estimated to be in excess of £100 million annually. The total winter population is estimated to be at 35% to 40% of the pre-myxomatosis level (circa 1952) and is increasing by about 2% annually. This is due primarily to the reduced effect of myxomatosis, resulting from increased levels of genetic resistance. Given the problems associated with rabbits, this increase in numbers is likely to be accompanied by a corresponding rise in the amount of serious crop damage reported. It is essential, therefore, that effective control strategies are available to ensure that crops vulnerable to rabbit damage are adequately protected. This will serve to benefit landowners and occupiers who have a statutory responsibility to manage rabbit infestations on their land and to prevent them causing damage to neighbouring properties.

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