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British BioGen are the Trade Association to the UK Bioenergy Industry. Their mission is: "to promote and co-ordinate the commercial development of biomass as a renewable fuel resource for energy production."  Biomass is all plant and animal matter on the Earths surface. Harvesting biomass such as crops, trees or dung and using it to generate energy, that is heat, electricity or motion, is bioenergy.

Services provided to members of the Energy Crops Network are part of a British BioGen project to develop a national centre of expertise on the subject of energy crop husbandry and production, kindly supported by DEFRA. Services available through the Network will expand as the project develops.

Membership of the Energy Crops Network is open to British BioGen members only. Membership allows access to the Energy Crops Network web site, which will contain information on events, meetings, news, policy issues, and technical papers. Members will also be invited to participate in a number of industry events and meetings, and consulted on issues related to the development of the national centre for energy crop marketing and development.

Contact details:

16 Belgrave Square
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7235 8474
Email: info@britishbiogen.co.uk

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