Pigs: Identification Rules as of November 2003 (PB8808)

New Pig Identification Rules as of 1 November 2003

Best practice for slapmarking, tagging and tattooing


  • Do you have problems reading this Slapmark?
  • So do abattoirs when slapmarks are poorly applied.
  • Good slap marks ensure you get paid for the correct pigs and provide traceability.

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Key to good slap marking

  • Before using, check slapmarker is clean and check pins are complete and undamaged.
  • Reapply ink to slapmarker using an inkpad regularly after every 2 or 3 pigs.
  • Recharge ink pad little and often (every 40 pigs).
  • Choose a place where you can control the flow of pigs in order to slap both shoulders effectively.
  • Apply the slap in the correct place both front shoulder areas.
  • Slap the pig firmly ensuring you make contact squarely on the shoulders.
  • Culled pigs may have tougher skin. You may need a slap marker with stronger pins and need to apply it with more force.
  • Clean slap marker thoroughly once a week using a pressure washer and or wire brush, and change the plate there and then if it is damaged.
  • Keep a stock of new slap plates, so that a damaged one may be replaced immediately Replace worn pads.
  • Train staff carefully in correct slapmarking technique.



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