Dairy Cattle - Lameness (PB4020)


Any injured, ailing or distressed dairy cattle should be treated without delay and veterinary advice sought when necessary. Provision must be made for the segregation and care of seriously sick and injured animals. When the lameness is so severe that the animal has to be destroyed on the farm, this should be done humanely, and, where possible, by a person who is experienced in both the technique and the equipment used for slaughtering the animal

Carefully inspect all animals for signs of lameness before transport.


Further Advice and Information on Animal Welfare

For general advice on prevention and cure of lameness and for advice on specific cases - consult your veterinary surgeon.

General welfare advice on lameness may also be obtained from:

  • The State Veterinary Service (Local Animal Health Office - address and telephone number in your local telephone directory)
  • Specialist consultants


PB No.


0074 Codes of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock (Cattle)
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1148 Lameness in Pigs
1149 Lameness in Sheep
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1381 Guidance on the Transport of Casualty Farm Animals
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3426 FWAC Report on the Welfare of Dairy Cattle

If you would like any further information or advice relating to this code please contact DEFRAs Animal Welfare Division on 020 7904 6512

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