Transport of Casualty Farm Animals (PB1381)

Annex A. Model Declaration to Accompany an Animal for Slaughter known or suspected to be Diseased or Injured

68                                           Schedule 18, Regulation 17 (2) (a)

Name and address of owner/person in charge _______________________________________________________________________

Telephone No. (if any) _____________________________________________________

Name and address of owner's veterinary surgeon ______________________________________________________________________

Animal: Species ______________________________________________

Breed _______________________________________________

Age _________________________________________________

Sex _________________________________________________

Identification marks (e.g. ear tag number) ___________________________________

*(a) The above animal has received no treatment within the last 28 days.

*(b) The withdrawal period for any treatment administered to this animal has been observed.

* delete where not applicable

Describe the signs of disease or injury the animal has exhibited or, if a veterinary surgeon has seen the animal, his diagnosis





Signature _______________________________________________________

Name (Block Capitals) ____________________________________________

Status __________________________________________________________

Time and Date ________________ am/pm ___________ 200______________


It is an offence to transport a sick or injured animal if this is likely to cause it unnecessary suffering. If in doubt you should consult a veterinary surgeon.

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