Welfare of Animals During Transport (Amendment) Order

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Title: Welfare of Animals During Transport (Amendment) Order

Category: England, Wales and Scotland Law

Date: 1995 (revised 1999)

Reference: SI 1995/131 [Full text] (SI 1999/1622 [Full text])

General Description:

This is a brief amendment to the Welfare of Animals during Transport Order 1994, and refers to responsibility with respect to journey plans:

Any person in charge of any animal where a journey plan has been drawn up shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that this plan is adhered to.

When the destination of a journey is outside Great Britain, it is the duty of the consignor of the animals, rather than the person in charge of the transport to draw up, sign, certify and return the journey plan, and the plan must include the entire journey, from initial loading to unloading at the destination.

The rules were advised in 1999 defining new standards for those road vehicles transporting livestock on journeys longer than 8 hours. It lays down regulations for the provision of bedding, food, water, ventilation, access to animals and the correct partitioning of animals.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Animal Welfare, Transport

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