Waste and Emissions Trading Act

Applies to the whole UK

Title: Waste and Emissions Trading Act

Category: UK Law

Date: 2003

Reference: Chapter 33 [Full text]

General Description:

The principle aim of this legislation is to help the UK comply with the European Landfill Directive which has set upper limits on the amount of biodegradable waste that can be sent to landfill sites.

The key elements of the legislation are:

  • To give the secretary of state and devolved administrations power to allocate to waste disposal authorities in their areas the maximum amount of allowances for the landfill of biodegradable municipal waste (BMW) in directive target years.
  • To give the secretary of state and the devolved administrations the power to set up a scheme for the allocation of landfill allowances in non target years.
  • In addition, to allow a trading scheme to be set up for those allowances in both target and scheme years and make a legal requirement that these allowances not be breached.
  • To put in place the infrastructure to monitor the scheme including collection of information and public access to it and penalties for non compliance.
  • To make a requirement on the secretary of state and devolved administrations to put in place a strategy to reduce the amount of BMW that goes to landfill.
  • To amend the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999 to enable the provision of penalties, including financial penalties, for non-compliance with future emissions trading schemes.
  • To place on a statutory footing financial penalties for direct participants in the UK greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme who fail to comply with their emission reduction targets.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Waste, Landfill

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