Organic Livestock Production Regulations (1999/1804)

Title: Organic Livestock Production Regulations

Category: EU Regulation

Date: 1999

References: EC 1804/99 [Full text] (supplement EC 2092/91)

General Description:

These regulations supplement previous regulations (2092/91) and seek to harmonise the rules on production, labelling and inspection of organic livestock products.

The rules address issues such as the:

  • avoidance of environmental pollution on organic units including nitrate leaching;
  • encouragement of biodiversity;
  • exclusion of GMO's.

They also provide definitions of organic animal husbandry including rules for:

  • livestock feedstuffs (grass, fodder and other approved organic feedstuffs only) excluding the use of non-organic feeds unless specific authorisation has been given;
  • the use of diet additives such as vitamins and minerals;
  • animal-health management such as the use of phytotherapeutic and homeopathic medicinal products, minimising the use of chemically-synthesised allopathic medicines;
  • the provision of free range grazing and exercise areas;
  • housing including ventilation, light, space, comfort;
  • the minimisation of any activity which could cause livestock stress, harm, disease or suffering including handling, transport and slaughtering;
  • farm inspections; and
  • organic produce labelling.

Pertinence to Agriculture: Organic Produce, Livestock, Organic Farming

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