Cattle (England): Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock (PB7949)

Section 2 - Calf rearing

Moving and selling calves

The Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 1997 (S.I. 1997 No. 1480) Article 6, states that:

(3) Animals shall not be considered fit for transport if (inter alia) they are newborn animals in which the navel has not completely healed.

The Welfare of Animals at Markets Order 1990 (S.I. 1990 No. 2627), Article 14, states that:-

- no person shall bring to a market a calf which is less than 7 days old or which has an unhealed navel.

- no person shall bring to a market a calf which has been brought to a market on more than one occasion in the previous 28 days.

- it shall be the duty of the owner of any calf in a market on any day, or of his duly authorised agent, to remove it from the market within 4 hours of the time when the last sale by auction of a calf has taken place on that day.

- in this article calf means a bovine animal under 12 weeks of age.

114. To reduce the risk of disease, wherever possible, you should make arrangements to transfer the calves directly from farm to farm rather than through a market.
115. Ideally, young calves reared without their mothers, should receive human contact, preferably from the same stock-keeper.
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