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Green Fuels

Green Fuels Ltd
Green Fuels House,
Unit 21,
Oldends Industrial Estate,
GL10 3RQ

Tel: 01453 828003
Fax: 01453 823350

Email: http://www.biodiesel.co.uk/contacts.aspx
Web: http://www.biodiesel.co.uk/

The British Association for Biofuels and Oils is now known as Green Fuels Ltd.

BABFO is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of transport fuels and oils from renewable sources. Biodiesel and Ethanol are the two key fuels. Membership of BABFO is drawn from a wide range of industry, including engineers, fuel companies, fuel users, farmers, agricultural merchants and environmentalists.

  • The prime objective of the Association is to persuade Government to modify the tax on Biodiesel so as to give this splendidly 'green' fuel a chance to establish itself to the advantage of the environment. This means a tax structure which ensures that the pump price of Biodiesel is at least competitive with fossil diesel.
  • A second objective is to see established in Britain a Biodiesel plant of sufficient size to get the appropriate economies of scale in production costs. Concerned drivers will then have the option of buying truly Green Diesel


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