Ducks (England): Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock (PB0079)

Handling and transport of stock on the premises (7)


53. The proper handling of ducks requires skill and it should be undertaken only by competent persons who have been appropriately trained. It should be carried out quietly and confidently, exercising care to avoid unnecessary struggling which could bruise or otherwise injure the ducks. Day-old and young ducklings should be picked up bodily in the palm of the hand. It may be necessary to catch older ducks by the neck and they should be supported either by taking the weight of the bird by a hand placed under its body, or by holding the bird with a hand on either side of its body with the wings in the closed position. Birds should never be carried by the legs.
54. Care must be taken in catching ducks to avoid creating panic and subsequent injury to or smothering of the birds.

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