Ducks (England): Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock (PB0079)



9. Advice on welfare aspects should be sought when new buildings are to be constructed or existing buildings modified.
10. Ventilation, heating, lighting, feeding, watering and all other equipment should be designed, sited and installed so as to avoid risk of injuring birds.
11. All floors, particularly slatted or metal mesh ones, should be designed, fitted and maintained so as to avoid injury or distress to the birds. Remedial action should be taken if either of these occurs.
12. Nest boxes and roosting areas should not be so high above floor level that birds have difficulty or risk injury in using them.
13. Adequate litter should be provided on solid floors and in nest boxes.
14. Accommodation should be designed and maintained so as to minimise discomfort, distress or injury to the birds.
15. The type and arrangements of accommodation should allow for efficient working and for each bird to be properly inspected.
16. Accommodation should be of sufficient height to allow standing birds free movement of the head and neck.
17. The front and sides of raised pens for ducklings should be kept properly adjusted so that birds have access to feed and water but cannot escape and fall to the floor.

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