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Rural Stress Information Network (RSIN)

The Rural Stress Information Network is a national 'umbrella' charity, working with a range of partners in England and Wales and at the local level with farming and rural support groups. The network provides advice and information for people living in rural areas who feel distressed and has three aims:

  • To be an authoritative source of information and advice concerning initiatives intended to help alleviate rural stress.
  • To encourage the development of practical solutions which will help people living in rural areas who feel distressed or suicidal.
  • To be a source of information about the causes and extent of rural stress.

The Network supports local initiatives. This support takes the form of:

  • Supplying information and advice
  • Assisting with training
  • Facilitating conferences and seminars on specific topics associated with stress and its alleviation

R.S.I.N. is developing a comprehensive database which contains information about

  • The many local initiatives established to support distressed and suicidal people in rural England and Wales.
  • Research projects dealing with the causes, effects and extent of rural stress, and the means of alleviating it.

Contact details:

Rural Stress Information Network
Arthur Rank Centre
Stoneleigh Park

Tel: 024 7641 2916
Fax: 024 7641 2560

Email: enquiries@rsin.org.uk
Internet: http://www.ruralnet.org.uk/~rusin/

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