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The Royal Agricultural Society of England

The Royal Agricultural Society of England

The Royal Agricultural Society of England
Stoneleigh Park

Tel: 02476 696969
Fax: 02476 696900

Email: info@rase.org.uk
Web: http://www.rase.org.uk/

The Royal Agricultural Society of England is unique in its measured, impartial approach to the current and future challenges for rural Britain. It is a registered charity.

Dozens of organisations represent sectors of the agricultural and rural world. Only one, the RASE, offers a joined up approach to the multitude of countryside issues.

The Society has a long term vision and a strategic approach. With a pedigree going back to 1840 the RASE is grounded in science and technology transfer, showcased most effectively at the Royal Show and in the technical events programme. Policy development work, high level influence on Government and significant education effort in schools (through FACE) also lie at the heart of the RASEs purpose.

But the RASEs boldest current project is the development of the Stoneleigh Park site as The Open Country Initiative. This will be a multi-faceted national resource that will serve as a focus for all aspects of rural development and help shape a sustainable future for rural communities. The concept already has backing from Advantage West Midlands - the regional development agency local authorities and a variety of national agencies.

Members of the Society are drawn from all walks of life. We cant promise to get you a better price for your wheat or to correct adverse monetary exchange rates. We do promise to maintain information flows from scientist to farmer, to educate the consumers of tomorrow and to make sure informed rural decisions are made by Government.

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