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Association of Consulting Engineers (ACE)

Association of Consulting Engineers (ACE)

Association of Consulting Engineers
Alliance House
12 Caxton Street

Tel.: 020 7222 6557
Fax: 020 7990 9202

Email: consult@acenet.co.uk
Web: http://www.acenet.co.uk

The Association of Consulting Engineers (ACE) is the UK's leading trade association for engineering, technical and management consultancies. ACE represents over 700 member companies that cover the entire range of construction, environmental and infrastructure industry. ACE's membership includes some of the largest companies in the sector, employing several thousand employees, as well as many smaller niche firms. ACE members regularly win awards for the excellence of their work and are generally regarded as some of the best, most innovative engineering consultancies in the world.

The collective strength of ACE's membership is a powerful lobby which ensures that the voice of UK engineering consultancy is heard by Government, clients and all members of the supply chain in the UK, Europe and internationally.

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