Ponds, Pools and Lochans

6. Safety

6.1 Introduction

The safety of ponds is an important concern especially in urban areas. To keep safe near water, follow the advice given by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). The following information on water safety is reproduced from advice given by RoSPA.

Any project involving the creation of ponds and other wetlands should clearly involve discussion and consultation with local people most likely to be affected. However, many of the risks associated with urban ponds can be greatly reduced by careful design (see Section 7.7).

Table 17.
Numbers of accidental deaths in different environments in the UK
Environment (year) No. of deaths
Home (1995) 4,066
Road (1996) 3,598
Water (1997) 440
Work (1994-1995) 376
Source: Royal Society for the prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).


Table 18.
Drownings in the UK in 1998 by location
  • Rivers, streams
239 42%
  • Coastal
129 23%
  • Lakes and reservoirs
55 10%
  • Home baths
53 9%
  • Canals
47 8%
  • Docks and harbours
19 3%
  • Swimming pools
17 3%
  • Garden ponds
9 2%
Source: Royal Society for the prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).
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