Ponds, Pools and Lochans

2.8 Sources of assistance and funding

Organisations providing help and advice

Organisations able to provide practical assistance, help and advice in pond conservation and management are listed in Appendix 1.


Grant aid and funding for pond conservation work is available from a variety of sources.

Agri-environment schemes. Farmers, landowners and crofters may be able to obtain funding for pond creation and management work as part of a whole-farm plan. For more advice on possible sources of funding for ponds on farmland contact FWAG or SWT.

Buffer strips. As part of the Set-aside Scheme farmers, landowners and crofters can apply for funds to create buffer strips around landscape features including ponds and other small water bodies. More information is available from FWAG, SWT or SEERAD.

Local authorities. There are no formal local authority schemes specifically providing grants for pond conservation in Scotland. However, a number of authorities provide discretionary awards to assist local citizen groups with pond conservation work where this has a clear benefit for the community or the protection of wildlife (e.g. promoting the conservation of BAP species).

SEPA. SEPA does not award grants but may be able to provide limited funding for schemes which further the aims of the Habitat Enhancement Initiative in conservation of the aquatic environment, particularly the conservation of BAP species.

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). SNH may award grants to managers of SSSIs, NNRs and other areas of high conservation interest for the management or creation of ponds. Grants may also be made to individuals involved in pond conservation work.

Heritage Lottery Fund. The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) may grant aid pond conservation work if it is undertaken by a bona fide community group (normally the group will need a simple constitution and a bank account). Applications should be made to the HLF but it is advisable to contact HLF first to determine whether a project is likely to qualify for assistance.

Other grants and awards. Many small trusts and charities exist which may give grants for pond conservation work.

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