Ponds, Pools and Lochans

2.5 Amenity value of ponds

Some ponds can have considerable amenity value. The DETR6 Lowland Pond Survey carried out in 1996 showed that at least 15% of all ponds in the lowland landscape are used for shooting, fishing or some other leisure activity. Since this was a conservative estimate based on field observation rather than consultation with landowners, the true value is likely to be considerably higher.

Ponds also have an important visual and aesthetic value and have long been used by landscape designers to create focal points in designed landscapes.

Table 4.
Amenity use of ponds and pools in lowland England, Wales and Scotland (data from Williams et al., 1998a)
Amenity activity % of ponds
Fishing 13%
Shooting 7%
Ornamental fish 3%
Pond dipping, nature reserve 3%
Ornamental wildfowl 3%
Golfing hazard 1%
Boating and water sports 1%
Note that categories are not mutually exclusive; some ponds had more than one amenity use.

6DETR: Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions.

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