Ponds, Pools and Lochans

Chairman's Foreward

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) aims 'to promote the conservation and enhancement of the natural beauty and amenity of controlled waters and the conservation of flora and fauna dependent on aquatic environments'.

Historically, environmental improvements have been secured by SEPA through regulation, but new initiatives and new partnerships with external organisations are enabling more non-statutory opportunities for encouraging environmental gain. With the launch of the Habitat Enhancement Initiative (HEI) in July 1998 such opportunities are extending to habitat and conservation issues.

For SEPA to maximise these opportunities a range of resources has been developed through HEI, which provide guidance on good management practice for aquatic habitats. This document, 'Ponds, pools and lochans', is the first in a series of documents to be produced to provide, to both internal and external staff, simple clear guidelines for the management of Scotland's small waterbodies.

'Ponds, pools and lochans' has been produced in partnership with key environmental organisations in Scotland, in association with Pond Action, for whose contribution SEPA is extremely grateful. The document has been developed over the past two years through workshops and task groups and SEPA would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to the production of Ponds, Pools and Lochans.

In Scotland, 50% of the small bodies of water have been lost through infilling, urban development and drainage for agricultural intensification. Take the opportunity to learn from this working document how you can help to protect and enhance these important Scottish habitats. Chairman.gif (22662 bytes)


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Ken Collins
Chairman, Scottish Environment Protection Agency

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